Web Data & Analytics

Unleash the Power of Well Executed Analytics


As a full-service digital marketing agency, we work with data from a wide variety of sources: web analytics, ad server, search engines and clients’ own back end data from tools like Salesforce.


Whilst the data is often complex, we’re experts at clarifying things down to simple actionable insights. Our data team is continually asking ‘so what?’


A key area for us is planning and budget allocation across multiple channels. Our solution uses machine learning to solve these complex problems and define the optimum cross-channel strategy.


We use the same kind of data visualisation software you’ll find in the City of Colombo to create our charts and reports. Everything is available in Excel, or in live dashboards you can access on desktop and mobile devices.

Take advantage of our Google Analytics Support Service

A correct analytics set-up can be the defining factor in whether an SEM campaign is successful or not.
When we take over an existing analytics account it has more than likely been configured incorrectly – whether the code has been added incorrectly, the old non-asynchronous code is still being used, there are no filters/they have been added incorrectly, there are coding conflicts distorting data or the code has only been added on a limited number of pages.
As a certified Google Partner, our expertise can help you get to grips with the extensive features Google Analytics offers.

Measure and track your most important KPIs

Most of the time the software is not being utilised to its full extent – Google analytics is always developing and being updated and keeping up-to-date with these changes can be a job in itself, but it’s certainly worth it. There are dozens of useful tools and features within Google analytics that will help analyse your data and aid you in making well-informed decisions.

We are passionate about analytics, but we are also passionate about our clients…and thrusting a complicated and often alien system upon them is certainly not the way to get the most out of this insightful information. We deal with all the complications and pass on the results to you in a simple and clear manner, enabling you to digest the information rather than get swamped by it. Some of the features that we find useful within analytics are: custom filters, goals, automated tasks, custom reports, advanced segments, event tracking, visitor flow, funnel visualisation, reverse goal paths, assisted conversions, real-time analytics and in-page analytics plus many more.

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